Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month – Filipino-American Singers!

I am always searching for Filipino-American creative artists so that I can show Jax (and inspire him!) So, in honor of AAPI Heritage Month, I've compiled a TOP 10 list of who I feel are the most currently famous Filipino-American musicians. Let's celebrate their influence in the entertainment world! GALING! Please comment below if I [...]

I’m Now a YAP Accredited Yoga Teacher!

And it’s official!! I’m now a YAP Accredited yoga teacher! . To say it has been an incredible and enlightening 10 weeks would be an understatement to everything I’ve learned and discovered about yoga, its benefits, anatomy, and philosophy. This course was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I [...]

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

You guys! Why had I not heard about this fantastic romantic musical comedy-drama until now? I have been on a Netflix streaming binge, catching up on this show that debuted in 2015 and ran for four seasons, ending in 2019. First, it is so well-written and fantastically produced with musical numbers and original songs. Apparently, [...]