Oh Vanity of Vanities

My absolutely favorite magazine is Vanity Fair.  I used to subscribe to the whole gamut – Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Self, InStyle, etc… but in my attempt to declutter and streamline my life, I now only have subscriptions to two interior decorating magazines, Lucky (because I was once featured in it and have intense loyalty), Money (because I want to make the most of my investments) and Vanity Fair.

I just love reading autobiographies or biographies and Vanity Fair is so well-written.  It does such a good job with profiling people, motives, background histories and bringing out the missed details that really provide the most insight into the catalyst for huge controversies like the Lehman downfall.  Or more interesting to me, Vanity Fair can really capture and enlighten us with someone’s personality and choices to their life path. 

I just received the November issue in the mail, and this month the feature is on Marilyn Monroe and her secret diaries that have just been published in a book entitled Fragments.  To tell you the truth, I’m not much of a Marilyn fan.  It’s not that I don’t like her; I just don’t know too much about her except that iconic shot of her from the film “Some Like it Hot,” or her controversial birthday singing greeting to President John F. Kennedy.  But, after reading this excerpt, I want to purchase Fragments and get to know this woman, this icon, or like the headline says, get to know “her intimate feelings, about the Kennedys, Her Lovers and Her Tortured Psyche."  Vanity Fair does just the right job of whetting my appetite to learn more about Arthur Miller or the possible conspiracy surrounding Marilyn’s death and the Kennedy family.  So, I’ll keep you posted!

Also, Vanity Fair has the Proust Questionnaire!  This issue features Liza Minnelli’s answers, but a whole book has been compiled with answers from Eric Clapton to William F. Buckley, Jr.  How fascinating!  It would be a great coffee table book!  Hmmm… LOL!

In my attempt to simulate something similar, I have constructed my own questionnaire and you will see it in tomorrow’s blog when I profile our new HOME guest blogger, John De Bastiani.  John is a wonderful friend and way more of an expert than me when it comes to home matters so I am thrilled to introduce him to you!  John’s full service interior design firm with offices in Boston and Los Angeles, has beautified so many homes with his exquisite talent and taste.  In October of 2004, House Beautiful magazine named John "One of the 25 Next Wave of America’s Top Young Designers."  More tomorrow so stay tuned!

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