Loving Barclay Butera Style

Since John is incredibly busy with his clients’ homes this week, we’ll have to wait until next week for another one of his designer secrets.  In the meantime, here is one of my personal latest home discoveries.  Enjoy!


One of my favorite home designers is Barclay Butera (www.barclaybuteralifestyle.com).  His work and collection pieces are absolutely beautiful!  I fell in love with his style in my quest for the perfect throw pillows for my living room sofa.   Butera is a huge believer in pillows.  Per an article in The New York Times last year, he recommends that a minimum of 10 pillows should be on a bed!

Butera, who is based in Los Angeles, but splits his time among Newport Beach, CA, Park City, UT and New York City is inspired by the Hollywood Regency era and has a strong celebrity clientele following.  His style emphasizes clean, classic, tailored lines and fabrics, and perfectly expresses casual elegant living.  Per his site, “It’s important to allow yourself to keep things that mean something.“

Butera is known to have changed the rules of interior design by deviating from ‘matched sets’: “I am a believer in mixing the old with the new.”  In fact, his overall style is eclectic, intermingling European, American and Asian influences with a contemporary edge.  It is just so deliciously elegant!

On the Barclay Butera site: “Furnishings don’t make a home.  Life does.  And life isn’t something that comes from a store.  Design is the way you present your lifestyle to the world.  And that’s when the right furnishings make all the difference.” 

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