Enthralled by Thakoon

This past Sunday I had a little bit of a cold, so instead of going for a run, I drank lots of water and watched my Netflix DVD, “The September Issue” (more about that documentary tomorrow).  If you haven’t heard, “The September Issue” is about the making of Vogue’s famous thick September (Fall) issue, and Thakoon Panichgul plays a cameo role. After watching this film, Thakoon has now become one of my favorite designers:

Thakoon is so cute and incredibly humble. You have to watch the DVD to get a better sense of his personality, but this incredibly talented (and of diminutive stature) designer was just adorable when he talked about showing his line to notorious fashion “ice queen” editor Anna Wintour. I love how he recounted that his hand was noticeably shaking when he was retrieving and returning his designs from the hangers and back on the rack.

Thakoon graduated from BU. OK, I must boast about yet another gifted and accomplished graduate from my alma mater, Boston University!  After graduating from Boston University in 1997 with a business degree, Thakoon moved to New York, and first became a fashion writer before eventually pursuing formal studies at Parsons School of Design from 2001 to 2003, and producing his first ready-to-wear collection in September 2004.

Thakoon’s designs are just beautiful, being both feminine and edgy.  His pieces are timelessly feminine, evoking romantic and sensual in addition to contemporary and innovative.  His latest Spring 2011 collection is so girly and frilly, yet touched up with a sexy edge using oversize hook-and-eyes strappings. This is why he is a favorite with the fashion press, top editors and stylists, and celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Thakoon designs for the bourgeois. OK, as much as I love his $1,000+ dresses, I would never pay that amount for an item of clothing, so I love that in 2007 he produced a fashion line for The Gap after being highly endorsed by Vogue Editor Anna Wintour (reference “The September Issue”). I also am on the lookout for when he again designs a line for Target (he had a very popular, limited-edition clothing line at Target in early 2009).

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