Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!Β  Now I know I have a few international readers, so obviously, the American Thanksgiving doesn’t apply to you, but regardless, I hope everyone is gearing up for the start of the Holiday season.Β  Because, that’s what Thanksgiving signifies to me… Holidays, spending time with families, cooking up a storm, sharing, and giving!Β  Although, for some, I know the Holiday season begins with Halloween, for me, it is Thanksgiving.Β  We are most definitely in the Holiday season again!Β  And Thanksgiving is just about cooking, preparing, eating and hanging out with your family – what a great holiday!

Just as a bit of background for you history buffs, the first official Thanksgiving occurred in 1621, after the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast.Β  It did not officially become a holiday until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, when President Lincoln proclaimed it a national holiday to be held each November.

Well, now every year, we celebrate this feast and I hope everyone is able to retreat to their home.Β  As we know, home is wherever the heart is, so my wish is that everyone is home for Thanksgiving this year to reflect and give thanks with their loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.Β  I am grateful to you, my No Ugly Duckling readers!

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