Go Sportz!

Over the holidays, my boyfriend bought us a 46” LED flat-screen TV for the living room, a huge upgrade from my Sony 26” from 2002!  TV watching has never been a priority to me, but now that we have fancier technology, I’ve never watched so many sports events!  In the past, I hardly even had it on, unless I remembered it was the night for one of my favorite shows like Glee or Gossip Girl. 

Seriously, the Lakers play almost every day!  Basketball again?  I’ve become such a fan.  And I’m sure a majority of you watched football this past weekend, given that it was the AFC and NFC playoffs, determining the Super Bowl teams, Packers vs. Steelers.

My favorite these days is keeping tabs on The Australian Open.  I’ve always been a tennis fan so it’s been exciting to watch the matches.  My heart totally went out to Italian Francesca Schiavone for winning a 4 hour, 44 minute match (the longest ever Women’s Grand Slam Tennis Match) and then to rally again the next day, but to eventually lose to #1 seed Caroline Wozniacki.

Now, if you have no idea of what I’m talking about and don’t give two hoots about sports, I’ve got the best blog reading for you! My witty friend Jeff writes a hilarious blog, Go Sportz! (http://gosportz.blogspot.com), which bridges the gap between those who like sports, and those who just want to keep the conversation going…

It’s the perfect reading treat for those of us who don’t take sports so seriously but still want to participate in a tete a tete with those who do. 

Since I am a tennis fan, I’m re-posting Jeff’s ridiculously funny piece from this past Friday, January 21st, “The Flux Capacitor."  Enjoy and check out his previous posts at (http://gosportz.blogspot.com).  I’m excited that from time-to-time, I’ll be able to feature more of his posts on this blog, too.

The Flux Capacitor (from Go Sportz!)

While we all wait with baited breath for this weekend’s big football games, we can turn our attention to the other side of the pond (not that pond, the other one) to watch America’s favorite daughters of tennis, the Williams sisters. Actually, we can’t watch them because neither are in the running. 

Serena Williams never showed up due to a foot injury and today Venus injured her hip flexor muscle, which sounds to me a lot like a Flux Capacitor. And incidentally, doesn’t the Flux Capacitor sort of look like a Va-J-J? Never mind that now, never mind that now… to tell you the truth, Venus had it coming, what with her saucy fashions and all, she can’t help but shake her hips and sooner or later one of them had to give out. I would post pictures of some of their outfits, but this is a Family Blog so you’re going to have to search for your porn somewhere else mister.

But of course, all that is going to be lost on your Sportz Interlocutor when they start to talk about the Australian Open, so instead be prepared to talk about those who are still strong. Roger Federer for one (or Fed Express, <chuckle>), just broke a record for the winning the most Australian Open matches (57), passing Melbourne’s Stefan Edberg. The fat lady hasn’t sung quite yet though, he’s only won the third round. He has to win three more games to qualify for the championship game. And just how much is this year’s pot of gold for the winner of the Australian Grand Slam? A cool $2.2 million USDs. This year’s Purse (total winnings doled out) is over $6 million USDs. And that’s how Venus and Serena have been able to afford those Klassy outfits of theirs.



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