Trina Turk Textiles

California-born Trina Turk, inspired by the L.A. mix and cocktail party and poolside lifestyle of Palm Desert, is known for her casually sophisticated sportswear clothing collection of wearable, optimistic fashion.  So, in Spring 2009, it was naturally fitting that she would translate this same splash of California to a printed indoor/outdoor fabric collection for the home. Collaborating with home manufacturer F. Schumacher & Co., as well as creating key home pieces including pillows, chairs, as well as other home furnishings, Turk easily captures the chill California vibe.

According to Turk, “There isn’t a huge difference in fashion design and interior design.  It’s all color, texture, textile, and proportion.  There’s definitely a lot of crossover there.” 

Personally, I feel that Turk has done such an incredible job with her textiles that it rivals (and bests) her clothing collection.  If only I had a backyard with a pool so that I could outfit it with chaise lounge chairs that have cushions personalized with her fabric style.

Thanks to my dear friend Janine for tapping me onto her beautiful collection!

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