What Makes A Beautiful Person

I was recently reminded why I started writing this blog.  Not that I needed reminding, but it was so interesting to hear from another’s perspective what it is that I want to communicate and hope to impart.  A dear friend of mine once told me, “You give people hope and we need more people like you.”  It was so sweet of her to say, but I understood what she was referring to – I have an uncanny optimism and such a positive outlook on life.  So really, all I want is for people to share that, too.

Thus, the blog’s reason for being.  Per one of my earliest posts, I explained why I named the blog “No Ugly Duckling.”  Yes, it alludes to my favorite childhood story, but it also perfectly captures what all of us are.  Often, we are so hard on ourselves, whether it be physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual.  In our own eyes, we are not up to snuff.  We haven’t achieved our perfect life so we fear that others will judge us as imperfect or abnormal.  Or, we compare ourselves to others who are better looking, smarter, wealthier, funnier, and so on, and assess ourselves as clearly sub-par.  

Well, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not perfect.  But, neither am I, nor is the person you may think is perfect.  No one is perfect!  We go through this life to discover who we are, and usually that means, you have to make A LOT of mistakes; full, blown out failures even.  But who cares?  Wouldn’t you rather live a full life rather than a superficial one with the fear that others will talk about you?  And really, who are they to you anyway?  It takes courage to actually listen to your heart and soul and live the life you are meant to have and not just possess the accoutrements of what society says is a perfect life.  It takes courage to accept yourself, and thus having done that, impart love, joy and encouragement to others because you are not competing.

Thus, in my quest to be a beautiful swan – the full, amazing actualization of the person I am, I started writing this blog – and wanted to share my beauty secrets and fashion knowledge, impart my perspective, and expose profiles of people who are also on their quests to becoming their true selves so that maybe, you, too, will not be afraid to shed your superficial layers and actually blossom into a magnificent swan; the manifestation of who you are destined to be.  I hope I can encourage you to get there, but if not, I hope I can at least help you live a happy and more wonderful life.

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