Perfect Party Heels

One of my absolutely favorite singers is Mariah Carey.  Not only is she incredibly talented, but there’s something about her that is so real and authentic.  Yes, Mariah has had a reputation of being a diva, but this girl has had quite some struggles, and through it all, she remains hopeful and incredibly faithful and spiritual.  For that, she is an inspiration.  I think that is one of the reasons why I am such a fan of hers.  I listen to her music and not only does she have a gorgeous singing voice, but so many of her songs are so meaningful.  I believe “Make it Happen” is so inspiring that it is the first track on my running mix.

So, of course, I was thrilled when I first heard that Mariah was working in collaboration with HSN (Home Shopping Network) to create a line of jewelry, shoes and fragrances.  When I knew that she would be appearing on HSN earlier this month with a new range of products, I was sure to tune in.  Since Mariah is currently pregnant with twins (a girl and a boy), HSN flew to her Los Angeles home to shoot the spot live, and I watched riveted to hear how she was feeling and talk about her products.

Well, maybe I was suckered, but I did end up purchasing a pair of her heels: Mariah Carey Sparkling Studded Platform Heel.  She did such a good job selling it!  But I do love it – it is absolutely Mariah – sexy, glamorous and a bit over the top, with a perfect and fun party heel, in fact a 5 ½” heel with a 1 ¼” high platform!   Woohoo – I’m going to be tall!  Upon Mariah’s recommendation, I bought the black snakeskin style and it looks divine!  And best of all, well worth its price.  I bought my pair for $79.90 (event price), but the everyday HSN price is $99.90 (vs. a retail value of $112.46).  Thank you Mimi!

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