Piano Statement

We bought a keyboard for our home last week.  My boyfriend wanted to learn and teach himself how to play the piano, and I get to benefit as I now get to practice some of my old classical pieces (such as Debussy’s Reverie) after taking 12 years of piano lessons as a child. I love [...]

Stuck on Tucker

As many of you know, last week I went to Target to pick up some limited item dresses from some fantastic designers. One of these dresses was from a favorite designer line of mine, Tucker, by NYC-based designer Gaby Basora, a former magazine editor and stylist (www.tuckerbygabybasora.com). I first discovered Tucker at my friend Lance’s trendy clothing [...]

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan was so devastating.  It just goes to show how life is so fleeting and precious. It is incredulous to watch how our Japanese neighbors have had to cope and struggle to survive.  On a more personal level, with our numerous earthquake incidents, it is incredibly humbling to know [...]