Spotted. Stylish Boutique: Twig & Willow

Over the weekend, I had brunch with dear friends in Long Beach at Coffee Cup Cafรฉ (, a delicious diner and reputably one of the best of Long Beach.ย  I love to eat there because not only is the food delicious, itโ€™s a good halfway meeting place for me, an Orange County resident, and my [...]

Embrace Who You Are

โ€œYou are who you are. All you can do in this world is help others to be who they are and better themselves and those around them.โ€ Those words (a tweet, actually) were some of the last that Elizabeth Taylor, the beautiful and talented Oscar-winning actress and arguably, the last great star, posted before her [...]

Piano Statement

We bought a keyboard for our home last week.ย  My boyfriend wanted to learn and teach himself how to play the piano, and I get to benefit as I now get to practice some of my old classical pieces (such as Debussyโ€™s Reverie) after taking 12 years of piano lessons as a child. I love [...]

Stuck on Tucker

As many of you know, last week I went to Target to pick up some limited item dresses from some fantastic designers.ย One of these dresses was from a favorite designer line of mine, Tucker, by NYC-based designer Gaby Basora, a former magazine editor and stylist (ย I first discovered Tucker at my friend Lanceโ€™s trendy clothing [...]

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan was so devastating. ย It just goes to show how life is so fleeting and precious. It is incredulous to watch how our Japanese neighbors have had to cope and struggle to survive. ย On a more personal level, with our numerous earthquake incidents, it is incredibly humbling to know [...]