Attitude is Everything

As many of you know, I just returned from a wonderful Mexican vacation.  I absolutely love Cabo – for the weather, the people, and the lovely spirit.  In fact, when I first check into the resort, wall panels with these words greet me:

There is nothing you cannot be.  There is nothing you cannot do.  Once you learn the simple principles of mastering a positive attitude, all that you want you will have.  All you need is a positive attitude.  Attitude is everything. 

I love these words and they definitely set the right tone for my vacation.  But more than that, I try to remember those words post-trip because attitude is everything. As we may have already experienced, in life, not everything will go your way.  I definitely have numerous examples of this!  But, I have seen and I truly believe that a positive attitude will get you where you need to be, and sometimes the outcome is bigger and better than what you originally wanted anyway.

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