My Latest Beauty Supplement

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and as my friend Jeff, who also recently celebrated a birthday, jokingly said to me, “Yeah, it’s so great getting older!  Who wants to be young?”  Ha!  Of course, I’m thankful I’m healthy, happy, and surrounded by so much love, but let’s face it, getting older means the body starts to break down physically. 

Well, I am on a mission to postpone that as long as possible. 

At a recent beauty roundtable, I was gifted with a bunch of new beauty products, including a box of nutritional supplements from Borba Beautyceuticals (  As the package states, “When it comes to being beautiful, it’s what’s inside that really counts.”  Scott-Vincent Borba, a celebrity skincare guru, designed this line to support our physical well-being and healthy appearance from head to toe, inside and out.  As we know, the goings-on inside our body translate to what happens outside the body. 

Borba Beautyceuticals have been scientifically formulated with natural nutrients to target specialized health and beauty needs.  The ones I’ve been chewing every morning, Smart & Sexy Omega-3 Bursts, deliver 300mg. of Omega-3, DHA and Guanabana which help support cardiovascular health, joint health, skin health, mental acuity, bone health, and graceful aging. Graceful aging!  I like that!  Best of all, unlike other Omega supplements, they taste great – a juicy citrus chewable.

Healthy and happy at $14.99/box.  With age comes wisdom.

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