Piano Statement

We bought a keyboard for our home last week.  My boyfriend wanted to learn and teach himself how to play the piano, and I get to benefit as I now get to practice some of my old classical pieces (such as Debussy’s Reverie) after taking 12 years of piano lessons as a child.

I love our keyboard, a Casio CDP-100 88 full-size key digital piano, which was highly recommended by my good friend Vince, an amazing keyboardist and talented musician in the band, The Gypsy Dolls.  And I love hearing piano music play in our home.  There’s nothing like live music – it is so beautiful and makes the home come alive.

Anyway, it has made me realize how beautiful it is to have a piano in a home.  Of course, our little cottage is just too small to house a baby grand, but maybe someday!  My dear friend Kelly, whose husband is a composer and piano protégée, has a beautiful Steinway baby grand in their home, and it definitely makes a statement.  I truly believe it is one of the most beautiful accessories anyone can have in a home.

Check out these photos below.  Don’t you agree with me?  Exquisite!

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