Woohoo! Fun and Fast Recipes

Last night I had a wonderful birthday dinner with Jen, one of my best friends.  5 hours!  And on a weeknight!  Anyway, she gave me a super and very useful present:  an easy-to-use new cookbook from the best-selling Food Network Magazine, Great EASY Meals 250 Fun & Fast Recipes.  It’s the perfect resource for fun dinners fast!  I’m so thrilled about all the new recipes I’m going to cook! 

Best of all, they have super-easy sides and 10-minute desserts.  Here’s a great recipe for Chocolate Crème Brulee:


Chocolate Pudding

1 Tbs. Turbinado or Raw Sugar



Spoon prepared chocolate pudding into ramekins.  Sprinkle each with 1 heaping tablespoon turbinado or raw sugar.  Caramelize the sugar with a kitchen torch.  Top with raspberries.

So easy!  I can’t wait to make it!

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