When Our Stuff Begins to Own Us

Upon my friend Cindy’s suggestion, I finally finished reading the book “Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things” by Randy Frost and Gail Steketee.  I found it so fascinating, and seriously, after reading it, you will want to de-clutter and un-hoard anything unnecessary in your house, and think twice about purchasing any new items! [...]

Jo Malone is Back! As I already stated in a previous blog post, Jo Malone makes one of my very favorite fragrances these days, Wild Fig and Cassis.  Jo was inspired by her vacation in Tuscany and created this scent!  It’s a wonderful line and I absolutely adore it.  However, Jo Malone sold her company to [...]

Antiquing at Ruby Beets

Last week I tapped you onto my new favorite home site, One Kings Lane.  Well, this week, OKL is featuring discounted treasures from the gorgeous Hamptons store Ruby Beets (www.rubybeets.com).  Founded by Honey Wolters and Sharone Einhorn, Ruby Beets has been one of the top destinations for antique collectors and designers for almost two decades.  [...]

Sweet Film – Candyman: The David Klein Story

I recently watched the documentary “Candyman:  The David Klein Story,” which chronicles David’s life as the inventor of the iconic candy, the “Jelly Belly.”  It’s a bittersweet story that recounts the rise and fall of David, who in 1976, originally came up with the Jelly Belly concept and ultimately turned it into the popular candy phenomenon [...]