Sometimes, It is Just Meant to Be

I am an oldest child, a Type-A, an Alpha – all those lovely characteristic stereotypes that make me think I can control everything.  But, every so often, I am reminded that sometimes, it is what it is and I need to accept it.

Case in point: Yesterday, I headed to the airport with Buster to go visit my family for Easter.  Since I used to travel for work all the time, I’ve learned how to be very efficient and have perfected the airport timing down to a science, arriving at the airport precisely 45 minutes before my flight takes off.  Although this is good for time management, it often screws me of plum seat assignments.

The counter agent assigned me a fairly decent seat for my first leg from California to Dallas, but due to a full flight for the leg from Dallas to Washington, DC, she could not get me anything but 1) the last row, window seat or 2) the second to last row, aisle.

Since my preference is to be seated as far forward the plane as possible, I tell her I prefer and will take the second to last row aisle seat in the hopes that I will be able to change this seat once I arrive in Dallas.

Upon arriving in Dallas, I arrive at the gate that was originally assigned for this leg to find out they switched it to another gate at the other end of the corridor, a good 20 minute walk (Thanks a lot, American).  Once I get to the new gate, another passenger is also waiting at the check-in counter.  Let’s call him Bill.  Bill asks if I’m trying to get a seat on the flight, and I tell him I just want to change my horrendous seat.  Unfortunately, the gate agent informs me the flight is full and there are no available seats.  OK.  Fine – I’ll keep my second to last row aisle seat.  At least it’s not the last row.

However, once I board the plane, I realize that second to last row aisle seat is a bulkhead seat and I can’t sit there because of Buster.  Ironically, Bill, the passenger who was in front of me in line at the counter and had asked if I was trying to get on the flight, was assigned the last row window seat (Remember, this was the other seat option I was given in California that I declined).

So guess where I ended up sitting for this flight?  Yes.  With a full flight of families and kids who can’t be separated from their parents, it was easiest to swap seats with Bill.  Last row window seat.

As the saying goes, “Man plans.  God laughs.”  And sometimes, I’m reminded of that – if it’s meant to be, it will be what it is.

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