Lauren Conrad’s Newest Venture: The Beauty Department

So last Tuesday, Lauren Conrad (from “The Hills”) and originally from MTV’s reality series, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County launched a new beauty site, The Beauty Department (  Her latest project (as Lauren has written several books as well as she currently maintains her clothing line at Kohl’s) is a collaboration with her hair stylist Kristen Ess and her makeup artist Amy Nadine.

According to the “About” page: This is a site for anyone who’s ever had a beauty question or gotten into a fight with a hair brush and lost. We’ll be covering all kinds of hair+makeup how-to’s, nail trends, skin issues, tools, current obsessions & inspirations, as well as countless quick tips.

Clearly, Lauren is very driven and is parlaying her celebrity name and cute style into this latest venture, but I’m just wondering if it will really be any different from the countless beauty sites that are already out there.  This field seems so saturated?  I mean, Tyra Banks just launched her beauty site, Type F and Beautylish just received a round of investment money to become THE go-to beauty site.  Not to mention the countless number of beauty bloggers who do the same thing, too.  Will others be motivated to flock and reference yet another beauty site?  Needless to say, I’ve always liked Lauren’s personality and style so I hope it does do well.  My one recommendation is that I believe that the site is too muted and washed out.  For some reason, they picked pastels as the color scheme and honestly, on screen, the words and visuals just don’t pop to me.  Why not be a stand out?

But, they’ve clearly already built a pretty decent following with almost 6,000 Facebook fans and a similar number of Twitter fans in just less than one week, so maybe I’m just being picky.  Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

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