Yes! I’m Watching The Royal Wedding!

It’s practically midnight and I’m trying to stay up to watch THE ROYAL WEDDING which will start its broadcast in an hour.  What’s so funny is that practically EVERY woman I know is going to watch it…. the guys, of course, laugh and think it’s ridiculous that we’d even stay up and not sleep to watch the impending nuptials considering it will be broadcast many times over the next few days.  But, it won’t be LIVE and we’ll only be able to see snippets that have already been cut from the entire footage…  it really isn’t the same.  Anyway, I know that there are women that are making this an event, even throwing slumber parties just to watch Kate marry Prince William.

According to a guy friend of mine’s theory, we women are obsessed with the royal wedding because all women have a princess complex.  Deep down inside, all women are looking for their prince that will sweep them off their feet and rescue them from the doldrums of their everyday, ho hum life.  I’m not sure if I believe that’s true?   Personally, I just want to see the style.  I hear Kate’s wearing a vintage Alexander McQueen (which, if it is true, is such the right choice).  I also hear she’s doing her OWN makeup!  Wow!  The future queen of England doing her own wedding makeup?!  I like this girl!   But, I also think I’m drawn to the whole event because it truly is a fairytale come to life.  Say what you want to say, but we all grew up with fairytales and Kate, the commoner, IS truly MARRYING a PRINCE.  Yes, it’s like Cinderella or Snow White, those poor young things, eventually marrying their prince.  But, what’s wrong with that?  Does that mean Kate is less ambitious or intelligent because she snagged Prince William to be her husband?  On the contrary, I think she’s actually quite ambitious because she snagged Prince William to be her husband.  Umm… not just any kind of girl could have done that.

So, I salute Miss Catherine Middleton – for her ambition (or really her parent’s ambition for sending her to the same school as Prince William so she could find Prince William and seduce him with her style, smarts and grace), as well as her patience (because she knew what she wanted and was willing to wait for it), and for her strong character (because she decided that her “soul mate” should be the Future King of England).  May they live happily ever after!

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