Life + Times

If you haven’t already heard, Jay-Z launched a new site, Life + Times ( last week, and true to Jay-Z form, it is so ridiculously uber-cool, and a game-changer as far as websites and blogs go.  I’m seriously such an amateur and I can see why Mr. Shawn Carter is Jay-Z! Anyway, check it out [...]

It’s All About Choices

Throughout my entire career, I’ve chosen the corporate path.  Armed with a Wharton MBA, it has been quote-unquote, the safe path for me.  Honestly, the “safe” path to a guaranteed six-figure salary, which helps me pay bills and gives me extra to spare. However, as I’ve written countless times before, life isn’t about the money, [...]

Country Charmers

If you’ve seen the latest cover of People Magazine, it covers Reese Witherspoon’s dress and “country” wedding to CAA agent Jim Toth.  Although there weren’t many photos, I love the idea that Reese had a smallish country wedding at her 1920s ranch estate in Ojai, California.  She mixed a bit of her country charm and [...]

Milk & Honey Custom Fabulous Shoes

For you shoe-philes and shoe-aholics out there, I recently discovered this website, Milk & Honey (, which actually lets you custom-design any pair of shoes! Launched by Ilissa and Dorian Howard, two sisters who have an affinity for shoes, Milk & Honey introduces the idea of affordable custom shoes to women everywhere. It’s a very [...]