Spotted. Coolest store in Chicago: space519

I was in Chicago last week for the Sweets & Snacks Expo, which is the largest confectionery, cookie and snack show in the Americas (more about that in a future post!) While I was there, I was able to check out my friend Lance’s absolutely stunning store, space519. It is literally named for their space [...]

Fame or Love?

I watched the movie Country Strong starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw and Leighton Meester on my flight from Chicago back to California. I had wanted to watch this movie when it was first released last year at the theater, but I never did get a chance to watch it so I’m happy it was free [...]

A Few Changes

When I first started writing this blog, I had a little more free time. But now I’m finding myself pretty swamped with some of my consulting projects, and especially this week, with the Sweets and Snacks Expo next week, I could not write my Wednesday or Thursday posts in as thoughtful and thorough a manner [...]

Romancing the West with a Jules of the West Colossal Concho Belt

I grew up in Maryland and The Preakness (which is the second leg in American thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown series) is this coming Saturday. I really hope Animal Kingdom (the Kentucky Derby winner) gets this because the last time there was a Triple Crown winner was in 1978 (Affirmed). It would be so nice to see this honor [...]

Why I’m So Happy

I’m so happy these days I can hardly contain it. Really! Apparently, I’m so exuding with happiness that countless numbers of friends have told me and commented that they can tell just from my energy that I am ecstatically jubilant. Well, thank you dear friends!  They, of course, are right, and it’s because I’m doing [...]

Saffron Holiday Sounds Off

Maryland/Washington, DC-based transatlantic rock band Saffron Holiday just recently launched their debut EP, Hands are Gone. They will be performing at The Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington DC, on May 26th, opening for The XOs and Today The Moon.  I’m a huge fan of their sound, and knowing a few of them personally, am in ridiculous awe of their musical talent.  In lieu [...]