What Are You Afraid Of?

I had dinner with a good friend last night. She up and quit her job recently and didn’t even bother to stay for an additional two weeks. She was just so miserable at her former workplace, and because she had already informed the company that she needed a change in November, and nothing had changed since then, she essentially gave them 5 months notice anyway.

Anyway, when I saw her she looked happy, rested, relaxed and I was happy that she actually had the guts to leave a negative situation. As I told her, unfortunately most people would rather stay in what they consider a “safe” and “comfortable” situation (albeit a toxic one) than to actually forge forward into the unknown hemisphere. Ironically, an unknown, but with huge upside potential hemisphere.

Nope. For some reason, people like to complain and carry on consistently about how horrible and terrible their situation is, how everyone at their workplace is also miserable, and yes, months, even years pass by, and they are still in the same bad spot.

Why? It makes me wonder. What are they afraid of? That they can’t find another job? Oh, please. If you’re talented enough, you will find another job – someone will be lucky to have you work for them. Or better yet – that they’ll run out of money and NEED this terrible job. Hence, in my opinion, they are pretty much prostitutes; they are actually whoring themselves for this job.

So really, does it boil down to low self-worth?  Because I don’t care what excuses you’re making about staying at that horrible job you’re at. If you actually believed in yourself, you would have left that workplace already, instead of staying put in that abusive work relationship.

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