Alternative Tees

My friends Allyn and Annie gave me these ridiculously comfortable and soft tees as a gift recently. The brand? Alternative ( Although it’s been around since 1995, I had never heard of it! What took me so long?!

Founded by designer Greg Alterman, his goal was to create the perfect t-shirt—one designed for fashion, made for comfort, and tailored for a flawless fit. Today, Alternative has grown into a leading lifestyle apparel brand that delivers the best quality and value in fashion basics. 

Alternative offers a complete collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, including an eco-friendly line of sustainable apparel, Alternative Earth. The Alternative Earth line uses low-impact dyes (which means that they do not contain any heavy metals or toxic substances, nor are they petro-chemically based.) Low-impact dyes are also used in many of the Alternative products outside of the Alternative Earth line, and anything in their line stating it is 100% Organic Cotton is certified organic cotton.

According to the site, Alternative exists to inspire authenticity and comfort—both inside and out. Their mission is about more than just designing clothes that look and feel great; they want their unique community of wearers and supporters to feel comfortable in their own skin, laying the groundwork to inspire others and make a difference with how you live—and what you wear.

This community of wearers includes January Jones, Taylor Lautner, Tim McGraw, Chord Overstreet, Cory Monteith, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, and Bradley Cooper. You also have to check out their blog, which features a more in-depth look at some of the people who live in and wear Alternative. I especially loved the piece, “Growing up Zen with Chris Kattan.” You may remember Chris Kattan from Saturday Night Live; his upbringing is quite fascinating!

Anyway, I’m in love with my tees. I wear them all the time because they really are some of the softest tees around!

My oh-so-cozy Alternative tees! I live in these. Thank you Allyn and Annie!

A screenshot of the Alternative website and their summer collection

And for my guys out there… they have awesome tees for you, too! Plus, fab accessories – I want that backpack!

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