Loving My Misbehaved Nails!

So, last week, I let you in on the Sally Hansen Nail Effects that I have been seeing sported on cool chicks’ nails everywhere, and how I wanted to try the “Misbehaved” design. They look like fishnet stockings or even fish scales!

Well, I did it! I purchased a kit at Target for under $10 and applied the nail strips on this past weekend. It was so easy to do… and the best part, they look amazing! They really fit perfectly and even smell like nail polish.  Best of all, the design is not cheesy or ghetto, but just the little edge I wanted to pull off. I have been getting compliments everywhere! No wonder they can’t keep these in stock!

Here are a couple photos of my “Misbehaved” nails. Enjoy!

P.S. Sally Hansen (or Coty, the parent company), you need to be making some toenail polish strips now. I hope you’re in product development now before someone else beats you to it.  I see those flying off the shelves, too!

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