Travel Inspired Style

I received an e-mail from J. Crew today that talked about โ€œTravel Inspired Style.โ€ Now that itโ€™s summer, it is time to be light and versatile with the wardrobe. What I love best, is that I actually had most of the inspired items J. Crew suggested.

Of course, not from J. Crew, but thatโ€™s all the better. Personally, I love the J. Crew catalogs and the styling, but every time I go to the store or actually see one of their pieces in person, it never lives up to what I want. Sorry, but I usually find that the quality of the material just doesnโ€™t seem to justify its price. I have found better pieces at Banana Republic, H&M or Forever 21 for much cheaper. I know our first lady is a big advocate, and I think Creative Director Jenna Lyons is quite fabulous, but I often find that I donโ€™t make purchases at J. Crew. Does anyone else find themselves in this same predicament?

Anyway, hereโ€™s my personal take on โ€œtravel inspired style.โ€ My Panama Hat courtesy of my mom, purchased at Charming Charlie in Maryland ( (about $20), but they have stores all over the country. My straw bag is an authentic straw bag straight from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ($15). My sandals are a few years old, but they are K. Jacques San Tropez ($250). OK, so they are pricey but since theyโ€™re a few years old, Iโ€™ve justified their price and amortized it already! Ohโ€ฆ. and just so you know, my green button down is courtesy of J. Crew ($79.50). Haha! OK, so I do own some J. Crew pieces – thatโ€™s why I still get the e-mails and catalogs!

Enjoy your vacations and travels!

The e-mail from J. Crew – travel-inspired pieces

My travel-inspired style.

Hat close-up.

The trifecta of travel-inspired pieces.

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