Capturing the Surf Life with Barclay Butera Art

Months ago I gushed about the throw pillows from Barclay Butera. I just love his elegant, yet eclectic style. Well, what’s a home without art on the walls? To reiterate again what’s on the Barclay Butera site: “Furnishings don’t make a home. Life does. And life isn’t something that comes from a store. Design is the way you present your lifestyle to the world.  And that’s when the right furnishings make all the difference.” 

So of course, Barclay Butera has thought of everything – including artwork – so that your home can truly reflect your lifestyle. Check out his art collection here ( which has abstracts, and artwork featuring botanicals, oceans, landscapes, and even Europe.

For my beach cottage, which has become a surf haven (particularly since my boyfriend is an avid and excellent surfer, and I like to think that I’m a surfer girl, too, despite the fact I haven’t been on a board for over a year), I fell in love with Butera’s Riding the Wave series of photography. More often than not, our outside deck is peppered with hanging wetsuits, boards and towels, so it just seems apropos to capture it through art INSIDE the house.

Anyway, I was so thrilled to receive my “Riding The Wave IV” framed artwork, and now it hangs beautifully in the living room. It almost makes me want to grab my longboard and catch some waves!

Hanging wetsuit and towel outside on the deck life…

Now captured through this photo! Barclay Butera Riding the Wave IV

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