I’m Modeling for T.I.L. Darling!

As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of the entrepreneurial spirit, and I just love to discover new brands or new sites. So, I was really excited to find T.I.L. Darling, an online clothing boutique that’s as cool as ModCloth or ASOS. T.I.L. Darling is the perfect online shop for Alternative Apparel, Jack BB Dakota, Esley Collection, Moon Collection, Enti Clothing, Ya Los Angeles and other up and coming hip lines. Best of all, I have found really unique styles you can’t find anywhere else, and it’s wonderfully affordable.

I really believe in Daniel Hsu, who is the CEO at T.I.L. Darling. I can’t wait to share his story with you in an upcoming post, but Daniel and his girlfriend Suphanna “Toon” Bhasitnirandr founded T.I.L Darling in the winter of 2008 as two Master in Finance students at the London Business School. As required by the University of London system, the two were required to complete a final project by the end of their program, and hence, T.I.L. Darling was born. Just in case you were wondering, T.I.L. stands for “This is London,” Darling. They received an “A” on their project, but even better – it captured the hearts of fashionable Brits and it became a true business. A few months after graduation, Daniel, an American, returned to the U.S. and now runs T.I.L. Darling in Northern California, but the London roots still lie deep.

As part of its efforts to grow the U.S. business, T.I.L. Darling has established a Fashion Blogging program and I am excited and thrilled to be approved as one of their select blogging partners! So now you’ll see me modeling some clothes I’ve selected for myself! In full disclosure, as part of my blogging partnership, I get a discount on the items I purchase, which of course, works for me! Clothes I want at a discount! In return, I hope you’ll be inspired to buy some or all of the clothes I’m modeling.

So, here’s my first outfit. I love this block colored silk dress with butterfly embroidery. It’s cute and the subtle embroidery print detail at the hem is so girlie and feminine. It’s a perfect summer dress! As you can see, I wore it to the beach and to trot around town. Plus, it’s 50% off right now (originally $67.11 and now on sale for $33.56) so it’s practically a steal. The belt is my own (a black leather belt from Banana Republic). I paired it with the Native American Inspired Choker Necklace ($12.99) that is so unique and whimsical and also found on the T.I.L. Darling site.

Very special thanks to my dear friend Jeff who was my photographer extraordinaire!



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