Lovely Lashes (For a Weekend)

“Your eyes are windows to your soul… Lovely Lashes helps you make the connection. IT’S ALL WE DO.” 

I recently purchased a groupon to get “party lashes” applied at Lovely Lashes in Costa Mesa, CA. I had wanted to try this out as I have had many friends who have had the full lash extensions applied, and they look fantastic! It really has opened up their eyes, and the best part, you don’t have to wear or apply mascara because your lashes are already “on.”

Anyway, with my “party lashes” groupon, I was able to try the process via a “non-committal” lash extension version (at a discount). Party lashes stay on for only approximately 3 days (vs. 10 to 12 weeks with a full lash extension application). Granted, they’re not as natural looking as lash extensions where one lash is applied to each and every one of your existing lashes, since these lashes are applied in clusters. But, I think they turned out great. They’re perfect for an event, and definitely for those who only want them on for a weekend.

My lash esthetician Yvette (who is 7 ½ months pregnant with her first baby!) was a real professional. She’s fully trained and certified in lash extensions. She asked if I wanted “Vegas” lashes, “Bridal Shower” lashes or “Wedding” lashes. I said, “Bridal Shower” lashes and that was enough oomph for me! Wonder what the Vegas lashes look like?

Note for care: you have to be careful when you wash your face so that water does not contact the eyelashes for 12 hours. No steaming, swimming or washing your face with hot water for 48 hours, and don’t use any eye creams as the emollients will ruin the eyelash bond.

Anyway, here are the before and after photos. Enjoy! Now that I’ve tried this experience, maybe I will upgrade to the full lash extensions someday!

For my local readers, Lovely Lashes is located at 115 Broadway in Costa Mesa. Their phone number is (949) 548-5274.

My natural lashes – you’ll see the difference soon!

Step 1: starting to apply the lashes on my right eye (already a huge difference!)

Step 2: Whoa! Finished right eye vs. natural left eye

My super cute and prego lash esthetician Yvette applying the lashes on me.

Step 3: Finished right eye; start of left eye

Step 4: Both eyes with lashes applied! Mega lashes!

Voila! New lashes for the weekend!

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