Loving my Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry

A few weeks ago my friends Heather and Amy threw a Silpada jewelry party. I had no idea about the company or the brand, but was pleasantly surprised by the jewelry selection! It wasn’t cheesy or cheap (which may be the first thoughts that come to mind with a home party company). No! Quite the contrary – there were so many gorgeous pieces I wanted to definitely wear!

Silpada (www.silpada.com), which was acquired by Avon last July, is the world’s largest sterling silver jewelry home party company with operations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1997 by Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, two stay-at-home moms who discovered they could turn their love of jewelry and knack for styling their friends into a successful business, turned a basement-born business into a thriving enterprise.

Jewelry prices range from $12 to $279, with the average piece of jewelry priced at $68. Silpada offers a collection of the highest-quality, handcrafted .925 sterling silver jewelry complemented by natural materials, such as semiprecious stones, rich woods and leather. Silpada also offers a lifetime guarantee on its jewelry against manufacturing defects.

In fact, the jewelry is so stylish that its developed a Hollywood following, with celebs such as Rachael Ray, Maria Menounos, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Hayden Panettiere, sporting pieces from the line.

Of course, I could not leave the party without eyeing a few pieces, and ultimately snagging a gorgeous necklace in the process. I love my hammered, three-ring sterling silver pendant on a sterling silver necklace, and it only cost me $71. There are also matching earrings, so I may have to think about those for my next purchase!

If you want to snag any pieces for yourself, please contact Heather Portillo via e-mail at mysilpada.com/heather.portillo or silverhip@hotmail.com. Go for it and enjoy!


My gorgeous Silpada necklace!

A close-up of the necklace. Love it!

A selection of earrings from the line

More jewelry from the line

And even more jewelry from the line

Still more jewelry! Gorgeous!

Lovely Heather wearing Silpada earrings and a necklace. E-mail her at mysilpada.com/heather.portillo for any orders or inquiries!

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