Spotted: La Petite Creperie, Authentic French Restaurant in Los Angeles

Last Thursday was Bastille Day or French National Day, which is celebrated every July 14th to commemorate the 1790 Fete de la Federation, held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. I had already made plans to have lunch with my friends Ning and Steph in L.A. and we conveniently went to La Petite Creperie in Mar Vista (I had gone one time before and loved; it is Steph’s neighborhood spot and go-to place).  Ironically, it was coincidence that we happened to go a French Creperie on Bastille Day… how perfect!

First, La Petite Creperie ( is just so darn quaint and adorable. It is exactly what you expect a French creperie to look like. In fact, stepping foot in the restaurant makes me want to take a trip to Paris immediately. I so miss France and long for the time when I lived there for a few weeks the summer after business school before I started working at L’Oreal! It reminds me of that perfect summer abroad so that I could immerse myself in the French language I had been learning in school for the past two years. Now, I can hardly speak a word of it!

Anyway, La Petite Creperie just makes you long for France. And no detail is left out, like using Le Creuset containers on the tables for their sugar, and Laquiole knives in their place settings. Moreover, Benoit, the owner (yes he’s French), is wonderful. He’s so charming and optimistic, and has such a wonderful aura and kind personality!

Finally, and the real reason you’ll want to come back again and again… the crepes are too delicious to explain. I ordered the Saumon Fumé crepe (Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, Dill, Capers and Lemon Juice) for $12.50, and tasted part of Ning’s Complete crepe (Jambon de Paris, Egg Sunny Side Up and Gruyere) for $10.25. Both… so good!

To top it off, don’t forget the dessert crepes. I had Nutella & Fraises (Nutella and Fresh Strawberries) for $8.75. Steph had the same but added bananas, and Ning had the Citron (Lemon, Butter, Sugar) for $6.75 – all so delicious. Benoit also gave us a peach crepe with just-picked peaches to try, on the house, that was also yummy.

Finally, Steph and Ning had ordered organic tea, served in a French press, and Benoit gave us all samples of the tea to take home. I can’t remember the exact name of the flavor, but it has a lemon twist to it, and is perfect for calming and just before bedtime as it makes you a bit drowsy. I have already used my sample tea leaves up. It really is so soothing.

I could go on and on, but you will just have to check out the restaurant!

La Petite Creperie

3809 Grand View Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90066


Facebook page:

Outside La Petite Creperie

Inside the restaurant

Bastille Day Specials!

My delicious Saumon Fume crepe

Ning’s Complete crepe

The wonderful and hospitable owner, Benoit

Yummy Nutella crepe for dessert!

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