A Favorite: Paul Labreque Moisture Mud Daily Conditioner

Do you have really dry hair? Or, if you’re like me – have baby fine hair but lots and lots of it so it gets tangled really easily? If so, you MUST try Paul Labrecque’s Moisture Mud Instant Repair. It is such a GREAT hair conditioner and a total hair transformer!

First, if you’ve ever been to Paul Labrecque’s salon in New York City, you know he is one of the best stylists the city has to offer. Recognized by Vanity Fair magazine as one of the country’s Top 3 Stylists, Paul Labrecque’s three award-winning salon & spa locations in Manhattan exude hair expertise and luxury at its finest.

Having done a beauty editor event at the Upper East Side location (in my past life managing the Revlon Artificial Nail business), I only have wonderful things to say about Paul Labreque and salon owner Brian Cantor, who is so knowledgeable and an expert.when it comes to beauty, and haircare!

That being said, it would only make sense that Paul Labreque would have fantastic hair products that bear his name as well.

The Moisture Mud Instant Repair is really a hair lifesaver. It’s an instant moisturizing daily conditioner that really helps bring moisture to my hair and untangle and make it manageable (I can totally testify to this personally!). The conditioner’s marine sea mud, minerals, seaweed, and natural herb extracts give dull, dehydrated, thirsty hair and dry scalp an instant moisture boost. Its unique mineral rich mud formula improves elasticity and promotes incredible shine leaving hair silky soft to the touch.

It is seriously one of my favorite hair conditioners (if not my top fave). It’s great for all hair types, and it is gentle enough for everyday use.

Cost: $32.00 for the 8.5 oz. or $83.00 for the pro-size 32 oz. bottle.

For more information, go to www.paullabreque.com. But, take it from me, you’ll love it – especially the marine sea mud and seaweed formula – it’s so unique, and you’ll feel good that it is earthy and natural. Plus, your hair will be so silky smooth! What’s better than that?

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