Another Cute T.I.L. Darling Find

I was meeting a client at the cutest clothing boutique in Costa Mesa (more about that in a bit), so it was the perfect excuse to wear another one of my T.I.L. Darling dresses – this one, the Esley Bow Detail Dress in Navy. It is such a sweet and darling dress, and it’s versatile – just perfect for a dinner party or on the other end of the spectrum, a business meeting. Plus, I always get a ton of compliments when I wear it (what’s better than that?)

The dress is a scoop neck dress with unique bow detail beading around the neck line and shoulder. It has pleated pockets at the bottom half of the dress which is really so original, and best of all, the dress is now on sale! It was originally $54.00, but it’s now 40% off and only $32.40! Get it while you can, as I know the inventory at T.I.L. Darling has been flying off the shelves lately.

Now about the the boutique… local SoCal residents must check out Uptown Girl ( The owner, Michele, is a doll, a real beauty and total fashion plate, and she has such a great eye for trends. She spotted the leather fringe bag (which I noticed RIGHT away when I walked into the boutique) before it became the hottest thing after J.Lo and Cameron Diaz got theirs. With such foresight, lucky for Michele, she actually has 3 bags still available at Uptown Girl. That’s just one of the beautiful finds you’ll spot at the store. Check it out at 1720-A Santa Ana Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92663, phone: (949) 631-8696.

In the meantime, here are more photos of the store and the dress. Enjoy!

Outside the Uptown Girl boutique – how sweet!

Even dogs are welcome with a sign and water bowl! Huge points for me!

Me wearing the very feminine Esley Bow Detail Dress

Another photo of me wearing the Esley Bow Detail Dress!

Hello!!! Gorgeous leather fringe purse!

Pretty chandelier in the store – little details like this elegantly decorate the boutique!

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