Mariposa and My Moon Collection Print Dress

After a busy weekend of attending the BlogHer 2011 Conference in San Diego on Friday, followed by the Teen Choice Awards Gifting Suite in Los Angeles on Saturday, I was happy to stay local on Sunday and meet up with my two dear friends Joanne and Wendy for lunch at the lovely Mariposa restaurant on the third floor of Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island, Newport Beach.

The OC Register wrote a review in 2009: “Mariposa: Where the Best Thing On the Menu is Free” in reference to their delicious popovers and homemade strawberry butter. And they weren’t kidding – these popovers were so good!  My chicken sandwich wasn’t bad either, but it definitely took a back seat to the popovers.  Hmmm… I will need to find another reason to be a “lady who lunches” and make it back again soon. I believe all Neiman Marcus stores have a Mariposa restaurant? Not sure, but it is worth a trip there! You’ll have to order food, of course, but then you’ll get the popovers as part of your meal. Such a treat!

It was so wonderful catching up with two great friends, plus it was another reason to wear another one of my T.I.L. Darling dresses. This one – the Moon Collection Print Dress – is definitely one of my favorites. It is absolutely darling, and perfect for a leisurely day lunching, or any other occasion that calls for a casual dress. I think there’s only 1 dress left (at $40) so get it while it’s still in stock! 

Mariposa! On the top floor of Neiman Marcus.

Inside Mariposa – so zen!

The delicious popover… and it’s free!

Me wearing my Moon Collection print dress.

Lots of laughs when you catch up with dear friends!

The front entrance to Mariposa

A full-length shot of my Moon Collection Print dress from T.I.L. Darling.

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