Get Ready! Missoni for Target Coming Soon!

Here’s the latest scoop: Mark your calendars for September 13, if you haven’t already. You know I’m a huge fan of Target’s designer collaborations, and if you haven’t already heard, the next one up is Missoni. Known for their signature stripes and chevrons, it’s a longtime label favorite of the hippest celebs and the jet set. The brand evokes a chill 60s vibe and it really is just so mod… except for the price tag, which is usually ridiculously designer-steep!

Well, no more. I’m a little afraid of what a mob scene it will be at Target, but with over 400 pieces to the Missoni for Target line, we’re all (hopefully) bound to come home with a little something sweet. Goods are all priced between $7.99 and $199.99 on the high end (except for the patio ensemble which is $599). This price range rocks, especially since you usually can’t even score one Missoni piece for $199!

Here are a few of the Missoni for Target pieces I’ve already bookmarked for myself, so stay away until I purchase them! Just kidding! There are so many lovely items. If you want to see the full collection, click here.

Good luck!

Missoni candles

Missoni Hair Accessories – LOVE the scarves!

Missoni Picture Frames!

Missoni Men’s Scarves – gorgeous!

Missoni flats – I’ve found out that these are only $29.99 and are a spitting image of the ones that retail for $432.00!

Missoni folders! I love cool folders that will keep me organized!

I’m in love with the whole outfit, but my favorite is the skirt! How cute is it?!!

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