Hydrating Facial Mist for Younger Skin

I’ve never been a spritzer so I may not be the most informed person writing about this, but my friend Yvonne recently gave me a couple bottles of Maya Water Facial Mist.  They are one of her clients and after successfully starting in Norway, the brand is now expanding to the United States.

So, in my attempt to help them get into some US stores while being informed on the product as well, I tried the Organic White Tea mist. Even though I had never used a hydrating facial spritzer, I really liked it!

Founder Maya Gulbrandsen is Norwegian, and has been a makeup artist for 25 years. She always had her water on set, without question. In fact, I hear all the time that Europeans love these water spritzers; it’s a staple in their beauty closets. It’s so chic and perfect for hazy, hot and humid days. Honestly, who can refute European beauty?

Well, now that I’ve tried using it, I definitely see its appeal. It reminds me of the Mayan cenotes I visited when I recently went to Cancun with my mom and sis. The cenotes had this mystical power – supposedly swimming in it made you look 10 years younger. With Maya Water, the concept is similar – its clean, mineral-rich and pH neutral water from Skogshorn-kilden in Hemsedal, which is one of the finest water sources in Norway and remains at a consistent temperature of 3.6 degrees all year round, is reputed to produce beautiful skin. Well, all I know is when you spritz the Maya Water on, it really is incredibly refreshing, and my skin feels so fresh.

The spray mist comes out very evenly and it does feel lovely on your skin – hydrating and energizing at the same time.

Now that I’ve tried it, I’m definitely a convert and can now understand why European women make this part of their daily regimen.

The 150mL bottle of the Organic White Tea is 198 Norwegian Krone (or $36.25 USD). For more information and if you want to order some water, check out the site at www.mayawater.no.

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