Own Up to Your Life

In order to be successful at anything you must first take ownership of the situation. Whether it’s working out, a career, becoming a better lover, student, or human being… you must own up to it. And while this may be hard to do so, it is a must for progression. Failure is not an option when you take ownership.- Raw Fit TV

I saw this quote and I really liked it… because I totally agree with it. Oftentimes, I see people blame external factors or other people for their bad situation. But really, we must understand that we’re in the situation we’re in because we have made certain choices, and we must acknowledge these choices. If you are unhappy right now, think about the choices you have made and realize that you are responsible for your life – who you have chosen to associate with, what you do with your free time, how you spend your money, etc. 

Of course, and this is good news, you can always change your situation! However, you have to first own up to the fact that you are where you are because of your own volition. But, you can also be where you want to be! All you have to do is take the necessary steps to get there. 

Unfortunately, I do know several people who have been dealt a very hard hand, and it is terrible. It makes me sad to see them suffer because I really just wish everyone could be happy. But, as we all know, we cannot control what happens around us or other people’s reactions. We can only control ourselves and our reaction and attitude to all of these unfortunate external happenings. 

One of my very favorite quotes is from legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, who said: “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” 

It’s because not everything will go your way. But, instead of blaming fate or someone else, admit to yourself of your part that caused it to turn out the way it did. It may be difficult to come to terms that you may have made some very bad mistakes, but acknowledge it and move on. No need to waste any time harping on your mistakes. A new day starts tomorrow to begin anew and start again!

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