Individuality is Beautiful

Many of you know that I met Poppy King, (AKA, The Lipstick Queen) this past Wednesday. She is such an amazing superstar! Poppy started her lipstick empire in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia 20 years ago (right after graduating high school) when she couldn’t find the matte, retro ‘40s style look she wanted. It was such a bold and different look than the frosted and sheer shades that were out there at the time, but regardless, it was the look that she felt suited her style best.

Also, she wanted to be able to purchase the lipsticks where she shopped (which happened to be cute, fashionable boutiques, NOT department stores or mass market stores or drug stores). Thus, that’s where you could buy her 7 lipsticks (named after the 7 deadly sins). At the time, it was breakthrough! No one had ever done that before.

Wow! Now, it seems like every little boutique now has their own makeup line (ahem… TopShop, Forever 21, and H&M), and so many lines have kitschy names for their shades. Such copycats!

That’s why I’m so impressed with Poppy (you should have seen me at the event – I was like a starstruck fan; I have so admired her boldness!) There are so many people I know that need validation from others on their next move instead of believing in themselves and just going for it… but not Poppy! No, she embraced her individuality and confidently moved forward. For that, she is a rare and unique human being!

Anyway, I can’t wait for Poppy’s latest collection of lipsticks in collaboration with Kate Spade that are debuting this month. The Supercalifragilipstick (isn’t that a cool name??) line will have 4 shades (Pop Art Pink, Fuchsia Fete, Bashful Blush, and Adventurous Red ), priced at $24.

I’ll end on a quote from Poppy for you to ponder and live out: “My beauty philosophy has always been, have fun with yourself and don’t take things too seriously. Individuality is beautiful. Discover what it is that makes you you and work with it.”

It’s simple but very good advice. Stop looking around at everyone and trying to get their approval on your life. Just be you and work with it!

Have a happy, great weekend!

Me with the gorgeous and creative Poppy King!! and my dear friend and talented designer, Ping Li.

Poppy giving keynote speech at The Mazur Group Beauty Biz Roundtable. The Mazur Group places outstanding executive, managerial and professional candidates throughout Los Angeles and the California region in Beauty, Lifestyle, Consumer Goods, and Luxury Goods industries.

The Lipstick Collaboration of Poppy King and Kate Spade: The Supercalifragilipstick Line! Pucker Up!

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