Connecting Feelings to Illness

Clearly, with the passing of Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and former CEO of Apple, the world has lost a visionary and creative genius. There are so many of his words that are inspirational and thought-provoking, and I could list at least 10 quotes here. But I won’t, as I’m sure you’ve already seen them all over Facebook and Twitter these last two days. In essence, Steve really emphasized to do what you love, live last day as if it’s your last, and have faith in the future.

Instead, what I have found very interesting is the fact that Steve started out in life, rejected. His mother put him up for adoption. Then, the first set of adoptive parents rejected him because they wanted a girl. Of course, ultimately a loving family raised Steve, but I wonder – did he always feel rejected deep down inside?

After Steve started running Apple and creating a 2 billion dollar company with his friend Steve Wozniak, he again was rejected. After a power-struggle with his board of directors, they replaced him. Ultimately, Steve had his upcommance because his next company, NeXT, had the technology that his old company Apple needed. But I wonder how he felt during the process and after? Was he motivated with thoughts like “I’ll show you” and “Revenge is sweet?” How would you feel?

Regardless, there is no denying of Steve’s hunger, drive, and sheer talent. Clearly, he did show up his old board because he ultimately came back to Apple to introduce iPods, iPhones, and iPads! Amazingly incredible; no doubt.

But, we’ve also heard about Steve’s aggressive and erratic personality and hot temper, and because I firmly believe there is a link to everything that affects your health, I just wonder if some of these hidden angers ultimately caused his death… because 56 is a very young age to die.

I have this book, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman. It’s a psychology book, and it is a really fascinating read that posits that our (unresolved) feelings manifest to illness. It lists a bunch of ailments from acne to insomnia to yeast infections (to list a few) and the probable feelings that can cause it to occur. It didn’t list Pancreatic Cancer (which is the likely cause of Steve’s death), but they did have Stomach Cancer: Feelings of wanting to get even, feelings of spite, wanting revenge, and Pancreas: Feelings of judgment, feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, suppressing laughter, incorrect use of ego.


Anyway, it just makes you think.

So, I leave you with a fantastic Steve Jobs quote from his Stanford Commencement speech in 2005: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Moreover, don’t let other people affect you adversely either… because I truly believe it will impact your health, and life is really too short.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.

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