Birthday Party Favors

Last Friday, I celebrated the birthdays of my wonderful friends Anne and Rebecca. Every time we girls get together, we have such a fun time! I absolutely LOVE these women – they’re so generous, smart, beautiful and stylish, and most of them have been friends for most of their lifetime! I feel so lucky that I am included as part of the birthday crew because I didn’t grow up with them in Southern California. Thus, I have been lovingly adopted as a transplant from the East Coast when I moved out to California and first became friends with Anne!

Anyway, we have a fantastic birthday tradition, and we’ve been doing it for everyone’s birthday since I’ve been part of the crew (for me, it is now about 10 years)… everyone gets a gift during a birthday celebration! Of course, the birthday girl(s) get their true gift from each of us, but we do party favors for everyone else, so we all get a little something and no one is left out. I just love it! It is the best idea and makes everyone happy!!

Our favors are small gestures and are always less than $20, but they’re so fun! This time, I gave the girls a small picture frame from Aaron Brothers and a sparkly notebook (because you can always use paper!). I received a pretty top from H&M, a shower wrap, and an eco-friendly/portable tote (among other fun gifts like chocolate and massage oil!). Yay – love it!

It definitely adds to our birthday fun, and so we look forward to birthdays (as we all should!) Not one year passes without a celebration… yes, we celebrate everyone’s birthday, every single year! A joyous occasion indeed!

Preparing my 6 party favor bags and 2 gifts!

My party favor to the girls!

Some of my party favors/gifts from the girls! Thank you!!

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