A Gorgeous Craft Room

My dear friend Anne is absolutely one of the most creative people I know. She makes her own cards and gift bags, and they’re always so beautifully done. I love receiving a gift from her because it is always so special! Her personal touch is conveyed via the bag and the card, which are almost always her own gorgeous handiwork.

Well, with all these nifty hand-made bags and cards, it would only make sense that she’d have a craft room/office to organize all her materials.  Of course, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that her craft room is as beautiful as her paper products. Check it out here – isn’t it beautiful??

Look at those open shelves to hold scrapbook paper patterns! NOTHING is out of place!

How cute is this wall stencil? I love it! My friend is so creative!

Dry-erase calendar, spinning pencil/pen credenza, and magnetic board with containers for embellishments

Sweet chair – a patio chair “refurbished” for indoors

The bathroom is so ridiculously cute, too!

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