Don’t Let The Grind Get To You

Yesterday was the first day I finally started feeling better. It’s so annoying, but I seriously had to deal with an irritating cold and congestion for almost 10 days! I can’t believe it took that long for that crazy virus to pass through my system. UGH! I had forgotten what a pain in the rear it is to get sick. Luckily for me, prior to this, I was healthy for over a year, with not even a cold to slow me down!

Personally, I find that I’m prone to catch some infection or cold if I’m constantly on the go. In this recent incident, I had done two back-to-back East Coast trips two weekends in a row, with several plane changes, temperature changes, lots on my agenda, and no time to rest. It’s exhausting and yes, tiring on my body. 

Factors such as lack of sleep, over committing myself, and dealing with unusual schedules had a definite part in my catching an infection; that, multiplied with the fact that my niece (who I was visiting the last weekend) also happened to have a terrible cold, too, didn’t help matters, either.

Regardless, I really believe that if I hadn’t been running around with too many commitments (and instead had time to rejuvenate), I would have been strong enough to avoid getting sick. But no, I had plans almost every day leading up to my illness, and yes, even after I got sick, I was still running around with obligations left and right!

So, my advice to you, but really to me, is to stop. Stop trying to do too many things, and don’t let the grind get to you. It will tire you out. My body knows better, and it really does start breaking down. Sometimes rest is all it needs, and I must remember that sometimes, especially with the commitment-filled Holidays right around the corner, that the right thing to do is stay home and just do nothing.

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