Popchips Giveaway!

Hi fans! We’ve got another fantastic giveaway, and this time it’s for a month’s supply of popchips! How great is that???

If you haven’t yet heard of popchips, they are an all-natural chip that’s never fried (unhealthy), and never baked (undelicious). They take a little heat, add some pressure, and pop! It’s a chip! With 20 craving-crushing chips per serving, 120 calories, and 4 grams of fat, it’s the perfect little side treat that’s less than half the fat of fried chips. With 0g transfat and 0g saturated fat, it’s truly a healthier chip alternative.

Moreover, popchips come in eight delish flavors: original, barbeque, sour cream and onion, cheddar, sea salt and vinegar, salt and pepper, parmesan garlic, jalapeno. This is why Real Simple and Health Magazine call them “the best chips!”

So, if you’re up for getting a month’s supply , all you have to do is “like” popchips on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/popchips  and/or follow @popchips on Twitter. Once you do that, write on the wall or tweet “We heard about Popchips from No Ugly Duckling!”

It’s THAT simple! We’ll run the contest for the remainder of the week and all next week, and on Friday, November 18th, I’ll select the winner for a WHOLE MONTH’S SUPPLY of these extra yummy, all-natural chips like you’ve never tasted before.

For more info, check out their site: www.popchips.com

Good luck!!! 

We ate Sour Cream & Onion popchips today from our stash! Yum!!


Which flavor do I want to try next? I think Sea Salt & Vinegar! popchips come in 8 so-good flavors!!

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