Colleen Choi Designs

Once in a blue moon, I meet someone who is beautiful… and I mean, REALLY beautiful. Yeah, everyone is beautiful in their own way (and I don’t mean to belittle this saying), but I swear, I can count on one hand the number of people who I have met that truly possess a joie de vivre. You can see it in their GENUINE smile, actually, strike that, you can hear it in their LAUGH, in their quest for adventure, and in the inexplicable joy that exudes from just being alive!

Gosh, I wish there were more people just like that in the world.

I digress, but that’s how I felt when I met Colleen Choi at a recent friend of a friend’s birthday party. Colleen had just returned from a 6 month trip abroad: 5 months in SE Asia visiting 10 countries including the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Borneo (Malaysia), Bali, Hong Kong, and then spent a month in Spain. Prior to that, she had been living in NYC. She packed all her stuff, put it in a storage unit, and off she went to trek the world (well, at least SE Asia and Spain).

Upon return, she has found herself back in Southern California where she grew up.  Colleen doesn’t know the whereabouts of her next home, but for now, it’s in SoCal, and it’s a good thing; otherwise we would have never met.

Colleen is a jewelry designer, and you have to see her fabulous pieces. They are so unique and original and just absolutely stunning. Her site describes her jewelry perfectly: “She transforms sterling silver, gold, acrylic and wood into unique, one of a kind jewelry for the modern woman. Her quirky, whimsical designs will take you by surprise and make you smile. At the same time, they are feminine, sophisticated, and balanced. Colleen’s designs reflect her native Southern California ease and embody the beautiful array of experiences and perspectives that have colored her world.”

And… just a little bit more about Colleen from her blog:

“It all began back in 2007, when I traded in my excel spreadsheets for a tool box and a dream. After 4 years of schooling at the University of Southern California, 7 years as a CPA, working in public accounting and corporate finance, I quit my job, moved to New York, and started school at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  At the time, I couldn’t even draw a circle and had never picked up a torch.  With every semester, being creative got easier.  My hands started doing what my brain told it to do.  In no time, I felt like I had been making jewelry my entire life.  Now for the first time since I was 5, I feel like I’m living.”

Yay! Live on, woman! Here are some of her gorgeous pieces, and of course, I could not walk away without snagging something for myself! I love it, Colleen! Beautiful, just like you!

“All you have to do is dream big. Dream really, really big because this dream will find you.” – Chie Teratani, Master Jeweler

For more information, go to or check out her Facebook page at:

An assortment of Colleen Choi’s beautiful jewelry pieces

Colleen modeling her predictions ring, a stainless steel, sterling silver ring with a crystal quartz faceted ball.

The gorgeous stacked rubberband rings I snagged for myself! LOVE!

A better shot of the rubberband rings (Credit: Chris Doss)

Beautiful dreamcatcher bracelet (Credit: Chris Doss)

Fun and whimsical! Unicorn earrings (Credit: Chris Doss)

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