Are You Really Happy With Yourself?

So, I was at the gym yesterday doing my usual run when I realized the 3G to my new iPhone wasn’t working. I usually have my Pandora station set, but instead, I had to switch gears and listen to some iTunes songs I had purchased (i.e., nothing that needed Wi-Fi).

It turned out to be fortuitous because I had forgotten some of the songs I had, including “Work That” by Mary J. Blige. If you haven’t heard the song, it’s fantastic. It’s a mantra of just being yourself and not listening to the naysayers. “There’s so many-a girls/I hear you been running/From the beautiful queen/That you could be becoming.”

But, one of the most insightful lyrics are: “They’ll never be happy/Cause they’re not happy with themselves.”

WOW. Isn’t that so true?

…Cause if you are happy and happy with yourself, don’t you think you would be kind, generous, loving, supportive, and joyful?

Yet, unfortunately, there are so many people that gossip about other’s misfortunes and cannot give of their heart.

Now, here’s where I gripe…

For example, I don’t get when people post photos of themselves on Facebook, and then have a bunch of their “friends” comment, but yet they never reply back without a simple thanks or even just pressing the “like” button. (You know who these people are!)

I mean, it seriously takes 2 seconds (if that) to press the like button and acknowledge and thank the person (who was generous enough to comment in the first place). Yet, the person who posted the photos can’t reciprocate the generosity to thank that person? What does that say? Are they just trying to collect accolades? Are they that insecure to need such ego-stroking? I just don’t get it?!

I feel the same about birthday messages. Personally, I feel that one can (at the very least) press the like button with every birthday greeting received if he/she is pressed for time and can’t reply back with a comment. But, really, why can’t you take 30 seconds to say “Thanks” at some point? Are you really that busy that you can’t acknowledge supposed “friends” who have taken time out of their schedule to wish you a happy birthday?

Unfortunately, I often find that Facebook and/or Twitter is a tool for ego and self-aggrandizing, and there are a whole lot of people that are all about themselves ALL the time, showcasing to the world that they are supposedly happy. But, I wonder, are you really? I truly believe that someone who is happy with themselves has a naturally generous spirit.

This isn’t exclusive to the Social Media world, but life in general. I actually get Holiday cards from people who cannot take even a minute to sign a card but instead, send a pre-printed card with a photo of… yes, themselves! (Or better yet, they’re so self-conscious, it’s only a photo of their kids.)

Anyway, now that it’s December and the season of giving¸ wouldn’t it be great if the giving actually started with ourselves? It’s not about donating to stroke our ego, but being generous because we are sincerely happy and grateful. What a concept to actually give of yourself so that you may make someone else feel good and happy, too.

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