Nails of Pure Ice

My friend Yvonne sent me a few samples of Pure Ice polishes from Bari Cosmetics a few weeks ago and I’ve been eager to try them out! I was so thrilled because the nail polish shades she sent me are the exact same colors that are so in for Spring! It is perfect timing to kick in the new season with some fab new nails.

Yvonne generously gave me Twinkle, Hot Tamale, Naughty Girl (all in the orange/gold family) and Rosebud, Strip Tease, and Beach Blast (all in the vibrant pink category), as well as a crackle and ice duo featuring Pout. I opted to try Beach Blast first, but I am sure the other shades will get their day sometime within the next few months.

Not only do Pure Ice nail polishes come in some beautiful, vibrant, eye-catching colors, but another great benefit is that they’re cheap – only $1.99 per bottle, so it’s easy to have the perfect polish wardrobe with a full color spectrum. Also, the polish didn’t apply like a cheap polish. The brush is great – and the application went smoothly, with no bubbles or streaking. Surprisingly, one coat really provided the full coverage I needed, but I applied the customary two coats to really saturate the color.

Thanks, Yvonne! I’m loving my nails – such a great treat! 

Pure Ice Beach Blast on my Toes

Matching nails, of course!

All the fun Pure Ice nail polishes in my Spring 2012 collection

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