Functional and Whimsical Chala Handbags

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and so is my sister’s birthday, so, when both of them came to visit me this past Easter, I already had their gifts in hand. If you haven’t recently checked out T.I.L. Darling’s re-vamped site, you’ll find some pretty amazing deals! As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, Daniel Hsu, the CEO of T.I.L. Darling has changed up the business model so that we customers work as a collective buying group and T.I.L. Darling is able to offer even better prices, as well as more notable designers and brands. 

One of their most recent featured brands is Chala, which has the most playful, yet individualistic handbags. I had to snag both the DaDa Panda Everyday tote (which my sis received) as well as the ChiChik Bird Carryall tote. They are fun, whimsical, and definitely scream playful and original. Of course, they’re functional, too. 

The creators of Chala are a team of creative designers that love handbags so much that they decided to design their own, and you can absolutely tell. The bags are so creative as different textures and materials make up the outside, yet they haven’t forgotten details such as a rear zippered pocket, or patterned fabric lining with slide pockets. 

According to their site, “We approach life with passion and creativity. We believe in the idea that doing what you like and liking what you do is a key to happiness in life. We like to be bold & different in life, in a harmless way, whenever and wherever possible. To celebrate individuality in the fashion world, graphically as on our handbags, is a happy thing to us, too.” 

So well said! With that outlook on life, it’s no wonder these totes just exude originality, joy, and happiness, and I’m all about owning and giving gifts that put a smile on my loved ones faces and lightens their day! 

You can get Chala handbags here:

How adorable and fun are these Chala totebags?! The ChiChik Bird Carryall (orange) and the DaDa Panda Everyday tote (teal) (Sorry, I know the DaDa panda is still in its plastic, but I gave it as a gift to my sister and I didn’t want to open it and possibly get it dirty!)

The DaDa Panda Everyday tote is adorable with the detailed stitches and metal button eyes, fabricated flower and etched wood buttons. Oh, and the cute panda in the front is a convenient pocket!


Same goes for the ChiChik bird carryall – it’s so original with the detailed stitches and button eye. 

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