Ghost Scream!

My beautiful and dear friend Deandra and her husband Matt (who is an amazing chef) have recently created this absolute kick-in-the-pants hot sauce and it is so ridiculously good that I wanted to share it with you.

Matt was a chef at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel for many years, and is now the head executive chef at a premier country club in the beautiful Solana Beach. Both Matt and Deandra also have a fantastic catering service, Sissons Catering. Anyway, Matt has concocted this amazing mixture of goodness, so I was so excited when Deandra gave me a bottle to taste test.

Needless to say, Ry and I are totally addicted! Granted, we tend to eat Mexican food a lot (it happens to be Ry’s favorite cuisine) so it is always a welcome addition to our tacos and burritos. But, you can pretty much pair this sauce with any dish that needs that scream!

Created with fresh ghost peppers, garlic, onions, oil, vinegar, salt, and seasonings, you only need a dab (at least, that’s all I can handle!) and it will be just the right punch and spice. It’s beyond delicious! Plus, the sauce is all natural, no MSG, and no preservatives.

I highly recommend it for all those discerning palates that are always looking for a little more. For more information, go to You’ll read that Matt has had the most amazing worldly experiences to hone in his palate (so impressive and I’m quite jealous of all his extensive travel). And of course, if you want to try this yummy sauce, please e-mail

Look at the sauce – chock full of delicious ingredients!


Plus, don’t you love the label? Courtesy of the very talented Deandra! So creative!!

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