Sweets and Snacks Expo 2012

I was in Chicago all last week for the Sweets & Snacks Expo. All the latest candies, chocolates, confectioneries make their debut at this show. In fact, it is the largest confectionery, cookie and snack show in the Americas. I saw the new Tootsie Roll Blueberry flavor lollipops, mini Rolos, assortment of Angry Birds gummies and fruit snacks, new Jolly Rancher Crunch & Chew, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of new and exciting new products. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is a serious danger zone.

Once again, I was there on behalf of Leaf Brands, LLC. The original Leaf company launched candy classics such as Whoppers®, Jolly Rancher®, Milk Duds®, RainBlo Bubble Gum®, Heath Bar® and PayDay® before they sold most of their company to The Hershey Corporation. But, Leaf is officially back again since my friend Ellia, who is related to the original Leaf family, re-started it after he bought the trademark to Astro Pops®.

Indeed, the most exciting news from the show is that Astro Pops® is back after being absent in the marketplace since 2004. You should have seen the Leaf booth – pretty much swarming the entire show. We had buyers come up to us saying that the Astro Pops® comeback was pretty much the talk of the show. WOW! I’m really thrilled for Ellia and Leaf Brands, LLC. Leaf has so many other great candy products in the works, too. Check it out here: www.leafbrands.com.

In the meantime, I wanted to post some photos from the show because it was just so fun! A Pez motorcycle and the largest chocolate bar ever were just some of the delightful exhibits. Sweets, fun, and happiness – all rolled up in one expo!

The Blue M&Ms guy meets us in front of McCormick Place!

Stairs to the Expo floor courtesy of M&M’s

Yes folks – Sweets & Snacks are a big business

The Tic Tac car loaded with Tic Tacs! BTW… this was almost empty by Day 3!

Side shot of Tic Tac car but you can see the Tic Tacs are already gone from the front seat!

The world’s largest chocolate bar

Chair reupholstered in candy

Candy couture!

The Pez Motorcycle

David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans were also a hit of the show! David Klein, the original inventor of the Jelly Belly®, is back with a 100% natural line of gourmet jelly beans and malted milk balls.

The star of the show – Astro Pops are back!

Believe it or not, this photo shows only half of the candies/chocolates I brought back home from the show!

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