Dodgers Game Courtesy of Windows Phone!

Yikes! This post is way overdue since it happened last Tuesday, but as they say, better late than never!

Anyway, I want to do an amazing shout out to the folks at Windows Phone. Thank you Christi! Also, thank you to my dear friend Yvonne at Hey Do You who totally made this happen. Check out her awesome blog and her post here:

They totally hooked me up with some sweet seats at last week’s Dodger’s game against the Cincinnati Reds. We were in an amazing suite, which happened to be right next to our U.S. Water Polo Olympic Team! I now have even more reasons to cheer on Team USA when the Olympics start at the end of the month.

Of course, I will not lie – I am an Angels fan at heart (Hey, I’m from the OC), but if I can’t root on the home team, the next closest team will do! Good thing, too, because the Dodgers beat the Reds 3-1 at this game! (Sorry to my friend Nikki, who happens to be friends with the Reds 2nd baseman, Brandon Phillips, and I brought as my guest since it’s been months since I had last seen her, plus she is the total baseball fan who is so fun and helped me interpret the game).

Anyway, Windows Phone is doing a very cool promotion with the guys at The Roosevelts, an online men’s magazine ( Two of their most diehard baseball fans, Steve and John, are setting out on a journey powered by Windows Phone to complete the ultimate baseball bucket list (11 games in 3 weeks), so I was fortunate to be invited to be part of the festivities, and see them cross off a few things on their list.

Of course, I also got to check out the Windows Phone, which is pretty impressive. The graphics are huge, and the camera is really cool – we were taking panoramic photos all night (can’t do that with any other phone so that’s a true plus). I’ll have to play with it some more, but I hear the syncing and organization capabilities are like no other phone and well worth a phone switch!

For more details, check it out here:

Entering Dodgers Stadium

We all got baseball caps to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dodger’s Stadium. This is me attempting an L.A. look!

Love the Dodgers cart in the suite corridor!

Frank Sinatra’s Dodger seat! Yes… Steve and John can now cross that off their bucket list! #wpbaseball

Team USA Water Polo team in the suite right next to us (I know, horrible photo….)

Look at our view of the game!

Most importantly, thank you to Windows Phone! Check out the graphics and screen on this baby (Photo Credit:

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