Yes! I Look Younger Than You!

So… my sweet cousin Carla was in the US these past few weeks to cover the US elections for the Philippines. The US State Department sent a few foreign correspondents over, including Carla my beautiful younger cousin, who was writing stories on behalf of Rappler (

Anyway, when I saw her at dinner, she asked me how I stay so young-looking, and I gave her my same must list: drink lots of water, don’t stress, use sunscreen, but also, it is really important to take good care of your skin. If you do, you WILL delay the aging process. I guarantee that this is absolutely, 100% true.

I make skincare a priority. There are a lot of products out there that make miracle claims (but sadly, most of it is not quite true). I’m definitely a skeptic, so I look out for “true” skincare lines like Vitaphenol (

This line is the real deal.

I don’t want to go into too much detail because I just wrote a blog post for my friend Meesh on her amazing blog, Read my post here:

I explain that the line was formulated by a top anti-aging expert who is a medical doctor, a few facts about why it works and that there are actual medical studies published that substantiate its efficacy. There is true science here; not just marketing fluff.

Anyway, I swear by it.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference – before using the line, my skin looked dull and yes, still prone to breakouts. Now, my skin is vibrant! I really do look younger. My skin has a glow and elasticity that it didn’t before.

So, if you want a true, innovative skincare line that is dermatologist recommended, check it out, and use this special promo code so you can get it at 20% off from the website: ALEGRIA.

Finally, enjoy this video of me bare-faced using the products. (There’s nothing I love more than video-ing myself sans makeup just before I go to bed, but hey, I want to show you that I use the line and it works). PS… please forgive my chipped nail polish.

Enjoy and here’s to looking young!

Vitaphenol from Tricia Buenvenida on Vimeo.

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