A Few of My Fave Things Right Now

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I’m always getting asked about the latest beauty products, or what is on my radar as “good” so I thought I’d share a few things that I’m really hot on right now:



I bought these ADORABLE soaps last year at S.O.A.P. in National Harbor, MD and I am still in love with them! They have all kinds of cute designs but of course I picked the sailboats because they’re perfect for my beachy bathroom. The soaps are handcrafted and are all natural, glycerin soaps. Even if you don’t live in Maryland, you can still get some here: http://www.soapdc.com/


This shower cream by The Body Shop is so delicious! I love it so much that I bought 5 bottles recently because The Body Shop is having a ridiculous sale – everything is 50% off. Anyway, I love this scent – it has a warm, nutty smell that is absolutely addictive. I also bought the matching body butter (yes, 5 tubs, too), which really provides long-lasting moisturization-especially in the drier winter months. Seriously score some while it’s practically a steal: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/bath-products/shower-gel/regular-shower/brazil-nut-shower-cream.aspx


I am such an advocate of Vitaphenol – it’s just absolutely fantastic. The formulas are top notch, and they are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to take aging passively. I’m aggressive about staying young and this toner helps me do that – with 10% glycolic acid, CoQ10 and natural antioxidants that help regenerate skin and do cell turnover! https://www.vitaphenol.com/explore-vitaphenol-products/tone/anti-aging-toner


I discovered this line at a recent beauty show and my hair just eats this up. It’s perfect for the drier, winter months to ensure that your hair still looks shiny and silky smooth. All you need is a dime-size worth and your hair will look brilliant. http://www.saphirahair.com/oil.asp


Last but not least, I have to do a shout out to the folks at Microsoft! Yeah… so this isn’t a beauty product, but this is definitely on my “hot” list. Microsoft put on a fantastic holiday VIP soiree with Lucky Magazine recently, and us fortunate attendees walked away with amazing goodies, including gift cards, XBox games, and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (yes, that would be software with a $500 value). So thank you, Microsoft! Anyway, the best part of the event is that we got a personal tutorial and an exclusive opportunity to check out all of their cool products such as their phones, headphones, and tablet. They’ve done a fantastic job with design. I mean, check out The Surface above! Isn’t it sleek and beautiful? http://www.microsoft.com/Surface/en-US/surface-with-windows-rt/home?WT.mc_id=cpc_US-en_google_mshh&WT.srch=1&semid=ef_GGL_e_t92o66x95mhj0w6clafv_16315952949&WT.search=1

Here are the phones. I’ve already raved about how great the screen and browser are, but check out the rad colors – I love the neon one!


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